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Shark Tank Participant Tells all at Downers Grove North Presentation

In an effort to bring D99 Alumni back to school, the District 99 Education Foundation linked Downers Grove North (DGN) staff and students with DigiWrap Co-founder and Shark Tank participant Charlie Williams. DigiWrap creates digitally imprinted gift bags and tissue paper for corporations and special events globally.

Mr. Williams, DGN Alum, volunteered his time to share his experience on Shark Tank, and what it takes to become an entrepreneur.  He was well received by Career and Technical Education (CTE) students and several interested Shark Tank fans that gathered in the library to listen to his story.  The subjects of funding, patents, patience and determination, were shared.

On June 1st, Mr. Williams will return to DGN to act as the “shark” at the school's rendition of Shark Tank.  DGN students will present their ideas, inventions and products to a group of "sharks," with the hope of snagging a deal! 

“This is a great thing you are doing here,” stated Mr. Williams. “The students get the chance to be creative and find opportunities to start their own businesses!”  Mark Mirandola, North High Career and Technical Education (CTE) Department Chair, facilitated the event.  “Our students need to be exposed to what’s out there in order to stay motivated to take the next step in entrepreneurship and business. We are so glad that Mr. Williams is sharing real life circumstances that students can learn from,” offered Mr. Mirandola.  

Mr. Williams’ full story will be in the District 99 Education Foundation Alumni Newsletter. If you haven’t signed up yet, visit our newsletter tab.