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Walk of Honor

Dedicate a gift that will be part of your school for generations!

The Walk of Honor was created by the District 99 Education Foundation to give the people and alumni of North and South High Schools a lasting memorial. The walkways at North High and South High celebrate the rich tradition of the two schools by honoring individuals and groups who have made a mark on their histories.

Now you have another opportunity to give a long-standing gift, one that will not only honor an individual, team, your family or organization, but will help further enhance the technology, fine arts and the development of a lasting endowment for years to come. Individuals, businesses and other groups are invited to become Walk of Honor donors; their names will be inscribed on the bricks they purchase.

Consider making a dedication as a way to:

  • Pay tribute to your children, family or teachers
  • Celebrate a graduation
  • Recognize an individual, club or team
  • Commemorate a birthday or anniversary
  • Showcase your business or organization

An 8" x 8" brick is $250; a 4" x 8" brick is $100.

You can also Print order form and mail in with check or money order

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